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Sugar Daddy Meet: was launched in the year 2007 in the United States of America. Sugar daddy meet has been around for over ten years and boasts a very high matching success rate. Sugar Daddy Meet is a millionaire sugar daddy dating website. It is a Silicon Valley firm and focuses on matchmaking rich sugar daddies and sugar babies. It is meant for straight sugar dating. Of the members, about 1.4 million are female sugar babies. The site has a 70:30 female to male ratio meaning there is a wide selection for Sugar daddies to choose from.

Sugar daddy meet offers a lot of interesting features. These features are the main reason it is ranked highly among online sugar dating websites.

Sugar Daddy Meet in USA: In the United States of America only, Sugar dating is quite extensive. America has over 2,000,000 sugar daddies, 574,328 sugar mommas, 12,345,236 female sugar babies and 4,972,127 male sugar babies. This is a clear indication that online millionaire sugar dating is very famous in the United States of America. Being this famous and widespread in the States, several websites offer Arrangements between wealthy men and financially challenged, young attractive women known as the sugar babies. Online dating in the United States of America generates around $700 million per annum. Sugar dating has been elevated mostly due to the deteriorating American economy, leaving young and hungry youth who are left with barely an option, hence opt to join such dating sites to make ends meet. Most of the members are college students who try to pay for their tuition fees since student loans are becoming harder and harder to come by.

The website provides a platform for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies and vice versa. It operates in the top 20 richest countries and has almost 2 million users in the member countries.

Sugar daddy meet is driven by the slogan, “Sugar makes life sweeter.” Insinuating that, life could be a lot more enjoyable if you got yourself a Sugar partner.

Some of the features Sugar Daddy Meet offers

Among the features, you get;
  • Is purely a straight sugar daddy website, it does not accommodate for cougars and gays.
  • Has a well managed 24/7 customer care service
  • Has advance privacy control measures
  • Has almost 2 million active members with over 200,000 verified sugar daddies
  • Gives you a variety of women to choose from. You have more than 1.7 million beautiful sugar babies
  • Offers a blog that you can get several tips on creating the best profile to get many hits.
  • Offers you a press and media coverage screen. This is helpful since if you are a reporter and want to do a story on them, you are able to do so just by downloading the press kit
  • Has an advanced search engine that can filter your search and narrow down to your most suitable selections
  • Unlike most sugar daddy websites, it gives you the option to sign up an account using your Facebook details.
  • Offers a gift for the first date. Sugar daddies come to the first date with a token just to make breaking the ice a bit easier.
  • Free message reply for all members
  • Free winks for all users although basic membership earns you only 50 winks per day
  • To add users to your favourites list
  • A roulette type matching is known as Lets Meet
  • To view mutual matches that have been made by the Lets Meet feature
  • There is a chatroom for premium membership accounts
  • You get to offer gifts for the first date

Some special features the website also offers include;

Let’s Meet function: With this feature, you get a roulette-type match where you get random profiles to either like or dislike.

Blog: With the blog the website offers, members can share the experiences they have had with the platform.

Certified daddy feature: Sugar daddies with premium accounts get their profiles verified through a strict verification process and get a badge. The badge is then displayed on your profile for members to view. Being a certified sugar daddy gives you a higher chance of getting a successful match with a sugar baby.

Forum: There is a forum where you get to ask questions on the various difficulties you may be experiencing. Your questions are viewed by other members and answered too.

First date idea feature: The system compiles a list of a sugar baby’s first date ideas and you get to like and comment on the ideas as a sugar daddy.

Sugar daddy dating advice: As a sugar daddy, you get to be given advice on any areas where you may not be feeling comfortable with.

Setting up an account serves only the top 20 richest countries worldwide so it’s quite unfortunate if you are not from one of the countries.

Among the locales eligible for a sign up are USA, UK, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore. The signing up process involves three phases and is as follows;

Phase 1: Creating your profile

Here you are required to provide details such as;

  • Your sex (To get to know whether you are a sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby)
  • Whether you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby (To help the matcher know where to categorize you for member searches)
  • Your age (Important as most people filter their searches by inserting a preferred age bracket)
  • Email address (Any official communication from the website will be sent directly to your email address)
  • Telephone number (Used to verify your account details and membership)

You are expected to read the service agreement and privacy policy. Afterwards, you get to agree to the above in order to move to the next phase of the registration.

Phase 2: Uploading your photo

You are required to upload your photos to the website and the system will take you through several steps for verification that you are the person on the images uploaded.

Once done, you will receive a notification that you have uploaded your details successfully. Verification that it is your true identity that has been provided in the photo will be done by the system plus a team of individuals.

The system employs the use of an Artificial Intelligence engine that runs several faces matching algorithms to make sure you have not cropped out an image on the web or downloaded images of someone else to use as your own.

Phase 3: About your match

The Artificial Intelligence engine using an advanced matcher algorithm will generate a potential list of your soon to be partner.

The list will be solely based on the details you have filled during your registration and your description. It also uses your image to filter skin tones. This is important as it proves useful in the matchmaking process. The use of a sophisticated matching algorithm helps the system give near accurate match results.

Account types

With Sugar Daddy Meet you get to choose between a Basic membership and a Premium membership. Basic account members can;

  • Add other users to their favourites
  • Send up to 50 winks per day
  • View, like and comment on other users photos
  • Send requests to view other members private photos
  • Reply to messages
Premium account users can;
  • Use all the above-mentioned features
  • Send gifts
  • Get to propose first date gifts
  • Use of the advanced search engine to find the perfect match
  • View last login times of other users
  • Get to chat with other members
  • Hide account from the public
  • Create a private album viewable only by those users you allow.


Basic membership: Free with no App availability. Premium membership: Users get to pay for website use or website plus the app usage which come in two different bundles as follows;

  • 1 month premium @ $50.00 per month
  • 3 month premium @ $30.00 per month
  • 6 month premium @ $24.00 per month is expensive as compared to most online sugar dating websites. Especially if you decide to use the App (Upgrading using the App is expensive). To make payments, you can use the following methods

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash payment
  • Credit Card payment

Once you make a successful payment, your details will be labelled as "Successful Match."

How It Works works on a membership driven model. The members are verified rich and successful men who are willing to sponsor young ladies and accommodate their lavish lifestyle by giving them a Queen's treatment. Being operated on a fermium model, members are required to upgrade to a paid premium membership in order to establish communication with other members on the platform.

The premium members have an edge over the free users in that they get the benefit of viewing the last login times of other members.

The premium members can also access the advanced search engine powered by an AI algorithm to find the perfect match.

Profile Quality

  • The profiles of members of Sugar Daddy Meet are highly detailed.
  • Your profile indicates whether or not you are a premium and or verified user.
  • Low-quality profiles are immediately terminated.
  • You can get your profile verified as a valid user.
  • As a Sugar Baby, you can list your gifts in a wish list for other Sugar Daddies to see while viewing your profile.
  • You can set your profile and or profile photos to private. This is of course if you do not want any Tom, Dick and Harry to get to see your profile details.

Privacy and security features of the website

In this day and age, people are quite conscious of their data security and privacy on the internet. The first check the website passed is the fact that it uses a secure hypertext transfer protocol (https//: prefix before the web address).

This means that all sensitive data entered on the website are secure from intruders since a layer of security is added to the data in transit.

Other advanced privacy features include;

  • Generating a private album viewable by the members of your choice
  • Hiding account from public view.
  • Uses SSL Encryption to secure all the online payments and your credit card details.

Final Verdict

You have probably heard about several websites using a similar platform and offering the same services. I can comfortably recommend anyone looking for sugar daddies and or sugar babies to join works very hard to match millionaire Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies worldwide using a highly sophisticated algorithm. With so many features to offer and serious profiles, it is among the best and leading millionaire sugar daddy dating sites on the web.

Real Time Reviews from members

The following are real-life comments pulled from the website to show the success stories that have been a possibility as a result of the matching by the website. On October 22nd 2018, a user posted

• “We texted each other for a few days. She is a nice person and we plan to be good friends. Friendship is important to both of us. We feel that loyalty and mutual consideration are qualities that are best fostered in a friendship.” On April 7th 2018 another user posted

• “The first person I met on this site was perfect! She is really a nice person and we worked out an acceptable arrangement. I am very pleased with this site and the result.” On the 10th of August 2012

• Philip and I met on He is such a nice and considerate guy. We enjoy the feeling of being together. We are planning to be engaged in October. Thanks! Sugar daddy Meet! You guys do an excellent job!
Thanks again!

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