Sugar Daddy for Me Review

Sugar Daddy for Me - Review by Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Visit Website is one of the millionaire sugar daddy dating websites you will come across. Established back in 2004 this dating platform has been dedicated to serving the needs of sugar daddies, sugar mommies and sugar babies. Sugar daddies and mommies sign up with the platform to connect with young virile sugar babies who seek financial aid or mentorship. The platform is also open to singles that are simply looking for mature relationships. Thanks to its several years of experience, the platform boasts a large community with millions of registered members. It is also one of the highly ranked premium sugar daddy dating websites in the market. For this reason, its premium services tend to be slightly above other alternatives. Nonetheless you get a lot of features, apt security and privacy and a community rich in beautiful young women, agile men and super rich generous folks. There are various considerations to make when looking for a reliable dating website. Here is a brief review of including its sign up process, membership, profile quality, matchmaking and special features.

Signing up for an account

The sign up process for sugar daddy for me is a little bit different compared to other popular millionaire sugar daddy sites. As a matter of fact you do not have to be signed up to begin using the site’s features. You can view the most popular profiles and perform searches as an outsider. However, there is nothing much you will accomplish without a personal profile. To sign up simply provide a valid email address for verification purposes. Once the email is verified, you will be taken to the profile completion page where you can add your personal information including age, income, height and what you are looking for among others. Existing member categories include sugar daddy, sugar momma, sugar baby, sugar babe (male), gay sugar daddy and male/female for extramarital.

In addition to you personal information, the platform allows you to fill in more details including your profile headline, personal description and a description of the person you are looking for. These fields are all mandatory so make sure you follow the guidelines provided for each. Signing up should be a quick and easy process that takes roughly 5 minutes to complete. Once you finish registration, you can begin uploading pictures to your profile. Although you are not required to include a profile picture, the platform highly recommends especially if you want crave quick responses.

How does it work?

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

The way works is pretty straightforward. However, this site is a bit different from other millionaire sugar daddy dating platforms. Non-members (outsiders) can still access the site’s features including its search filters. You can also view who is available online or who is popular in the site. Nonetheless, that is pretty much you can do without an account. In order to begin matchmaking, you need to sign up for an account. One you have a personal profile, sugar daddy for me allows you to send messages and kisses to other members. You can also update your information and add as many pictures as you wish.

Matchmaking is quite easy especially if you own a premium account. Non-paying members are only allowed to send a maximum of three messages a day and they also view three profiles within the same time period. If you want to be able to read and reply messages or flirt with compatible matches, you need to subscribe to one of the premium accounts. The dating site works like most with regard to match making. You can use the comprehensive search filters to narrow down your results to the most compatible prospects. Once you find ideal matches, simply send an email message or flirt with a kiss.

Profile quality

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

Member profiles in are quite detailed. During registration, you will be required to fill in various information including gender, income, age, race, marital status, height and body type among other necessary details. You also get to describe who you are and what connections you are looking for. This information is what makes profiles extremely informative. You can see who is online, the geographical location at the time they signed up and what they are looking for. The profile page also depicts a very useful interface that allows you to instantly send kisses or messages. You can also see how many photos other members have uploaded to their profile.

As a premium sugar daddy dating website, you are allowed to view profiles and photos free of charge if you are subscribed to paid membership. Profile information can be changed as desired and all information is verified before being posted. You can also share other people profiles with your friends or other users in the site.


Membership in sugar daddy for me is no different from other top rated millionaire dating websites. Following sign up, you instantly get a free personal profile that you can build and use to interact with other members in the dating site. As aforementioned, there are various free features accessible to non-paying members and outsiders (those without an account). This includes seeing popular members, using the search filters and browsing existing profiles. Non-paying members can also send three messages for free. Paid membership extends the number of features one can access in the platform. With a paid plan, you can send unlimited messages and kisses, view unlimited profiles and flirt with as many members as you wish. However, there are different types of premium memberships offered. If you want total control and access to all features, then you should subscribe to gold and silver membership plans that include full access.

Special features

Virtually all the features in sugar daddy for me are special. As a premium sugar daddy sugar baby dating site, it aims to make matchmaking and communication seamless between members. Some of the special features you will come across in this millionaire dating site include;

  • Kisses – this is more like flirts in other dating websites. Sending kisses is one way of making contact with another member. It simply shoes one is interested in you and can be used to initiate communication. You can view the list of those who have sent you a kiss.
  • Weekend planner – this is another special tool available to premium members. The weekend planner simply allows other members to know what you have in store for the weekend. It is basically a calendar that shows your plans for the weekend including where you will be hanging out and whether you will be free to meet with other members of the platform.

Website usability

When it comes to web design and usability, this sugar daddy dating site really demonstrates professionalism. From their commanding gold and white theme to the smooth navigation and bold easily visible fonts, using is a piece of cake. It does not take a lot of effort navigating the features and functionalities. Everything is pretty obvious and in place. Each window is designed to offer maximum functionalities without seeming clustered. The site also loads very fast and can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have a strong internet connection. However, the design of this site might be off-putting to some of the younger generation as it employs an outdated approach of cut-out png images and basic templates. Nevertheless its usability and navigation is up to par and a simple structure eliminates delays and slow-loading codes used in complex website applications.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, sugar daddy for me is yet to unveil a mobile app for their platform. This means the only way of accessing their site is through a personal computer. You can also connect with your smartphone through a third party browser. We anticipate they will soon upgrade the website to a more modernized structure and develop a mobile app as well.

How to become a successful matchmaker

Matchmaking in is not different from other millionaire dating websites. As you would expect, you need to subscribe to premium membership in order to access all the features and functionalities provided in the website. Becoming a successful matchmaker is all about understanding how the platform works and taking full advantage of its functionalities. Once you sign up for an account, the next step is to quickly build your personal profile and add as much information as possible. You should also subscribe to any of the provided premium membership plans for total control and access. You can then perform searches using existing filters to find ideal prospects. When you finally find compatible matches, simply initiate communication through the provided means (messages, wink, flirting).

The cost of matchmaker

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

The cost of matchmaking varies greatly from one millionaire sugar daddy dating site to the next. However, the trends are quite similar. Essentially, you will need to subscribe to at least one of the existing premium memberships in order to access matchmaking features. At, you can subscribe to the following premiums;

  • Silver membership - 1 month plan at USD 39.95 per month
  • Silver membership + Total access - 1 month plan at USD 54.90 per month
  • Gold membership - 1 month plan at USD 44.95 per month
  • Gold membership + Total access - 1 month plan at USD 59.90 per month
Subscribing to premium membership is usually very expensive especially if you still face restrictions on some functionality. If you want to be successful at matchmaking, then you are better off with the total access plans that allow you to navigate all corners and use all features within the dating platform.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security issues are of prime importance when using a dating website. As a long-serving platform, sugar daddy for me has various security measures in place to ensure member privacy and safety is guaranteed. For starters, all communications within the platform are encrypted and secured with an SSL layer. There is a firewall to protect user information from outside reach and malware attacks. Members also use self-assigned usernames instead of real names. What’s more, the site is regularly swept for Trojans and viruses. also updates its security algorithms and codes periodically to bridge any security gaps and eliminate existing vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, this is only one side of the equation. Members have a responsibility to protect their accounts from unauthorized access. This includes providing strong complex passwords that no one can guess. Avoid simple passwords such as your name, location and date of birth. More importantly, protect the devices you use to access the dating website. This will ensure no other person has access to your account.

Certified millionaire

Reaching certified millionaire status is an achievement for many members. It does not only prove your income and status in the dating platform, but also makes you more likable especially as a sugar daddy or sugar momma. Sugar babies prefer to connect with responsible rich folks that can guarantee financial support. To reach certified millionaire status, you must spend a considerable amount of time and money in the platform. Only rich generous sugar daddies/mommas with proof of their wealth are certified millionaires.

Writer’s verdict

While finding millionaire dating sites is never a problem, identifying reliable platforms can be a little overwhelming. There are several aspects to review before settling for any sugar daddy dating site and since every other offer is advertised as the best, you need to go through each on your own. Fortunately, most sites allow you to create a free personal profile that can be used to test various features and functionalities before subscribing to paid membership. Sugar daddy for me is one of the experienced dating platforms available. They have been in operation for one and half decades serving the dating needs of millions in the process.

The platform is very basic and easy to use. It is also very secure compared to other alternatives. These attributes make one of the most recommended dating platforms for sugar daddy sugar baby relationships. To enjoy success in the dating platform, all you need to do is follow all their terms and rules. Build a strong profile and subscribe to premium membership that allows you to use more features. More importantly, learn how to take advantage of the search filters to fish out ideal prospects. In overall rating, this dating platform is well suited to the needs of sugar daddy dating and mature relationships.

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