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Sugar daddy dating websites have been on the rise over the past few years and there are numerous options for rich folks looking to connect with young virile women. While finding a dating platform for sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships is never a problem, not all dating sites are reliable. There are various aspects to review before committing to any given dating site. Fortunately, dependable platforms have various hallmarking traits that can be used to distinguish them in such a populated market. is one of the oldest dating platforms available online. Established back in 2002 this dating site is dedicated to meeting the needs of rich old sugar daddies seeking thriving relationships with young beautiful ladies from various regions of the world. It currently boasts a large community with over 5 million verified users. Members hail from US, UK, Canada and Australia so anyone from these countries can quickly sign up and create a personal profile. Below is a brief review of the sugar daddie dating website including how it works, profile quality, membership and matchmaking among other relevant elements.

Signing up for an account

Most rich men dating platforms have similar sign up processes and is no different. It takes roughly 3 minutes to sign up for an account with the site. However, this sugar daddy site does not require one to fill several fields during sign up. Nonetheless, you require a little patience when creating account with this as minor omissions may result in account discontinuation. When you first visit the site, you will be asked to fill in a valid email address before adding any other information. The site will then send you a confirmation email which requires verification to proceed to the next step.

Once you verify your email, you will be redirected to complete other required information including your country, age, income, interest and hobbies among other questions. Make sure you complete all the fields provided and do not forget to add a short description in the provided textbox. If you choose to upload a photo during the sign up phase, it will first be reviewed before being posted. This should not cause you any headaches as it is used to ensure users do not upload generic stock photos they have downloaded online.

How does it work?

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

As you will soon realize, sugar daddie employs a very traditional way of connecting its members. There are no winks or gift lists found in most recent dating sites. Instead, the platform allows you to initiate communication by sending a message or using the IM (instant messaging) feature. Apart from this, there is no major difference from other platforms. As aforesaid, this dating site focuses on sugar daddies and sugar babies alone so it is not ideal is you are a sugar mommy or toy-boy.

The way it works is pretty simple. Once you sign up, you can build your profile and immediately make contact through the matching feature. However, you need to be a premium member in order to send messages. Members are divided in various categories including gender and age groups. Whether you are a young beautiful lady looking for financial assistance or a rich sugar daddie seeking to support or mentor a beautiful virile college student in exchange for companionship, this site has your needs covered.

Like many other platforms, this millionaire sugar daddy site promotes consensual relationships between its premium members. They boast an extensive community of gorgeous sexy ladies including college students, models and performers. You can even find sugar babies who have their own job and only seek mentorship, friendship and rich acquaintances. The sugar daddies are also verified rich, confident and willing to spend money on healthy relationships with beautiful ladies in their 20s.

Profile quality

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

Although new members are only required to fill in basic information, profiles are quite unique. The details required are helpful and contain everything you need to fish out ideal prospects. You can upload up to 12 different photos of yourself to create an attractive gallery for your viewers. Profile photos and information are free to view so you can checkout members who view your profile. In the hobbies and interest section, you can include as many as you want. All uploaded photos will be reviewed by the platform before you are allowed to post them. You can also change photos at will and you do not even have to add a primary profile picture immediately. Nonetheless, this is highly recommended if you want to attract prospects.

While basic, the profiles in this millionaire dating site offer enough information to provide accurate match results. You can effortlessly find sugar daddies/babies you share the same interests with. Unfortunately, there are is no profile boosting, winking or gift lists. It is plain vintage messaging, but you can add members to your favorites’ list and view those who have you in their lists. However, all members are verified and since free accounts cannot achieve much, the platform is revered for having a “true clientele”. Most members you will find are serious sugar daddies/babies looking for real relationships. There are very few fake profiles.


Membership in this rich men dating website is pretty straightforward. Creating an account and personal profile is free of charge. With such an account, you can enjoy various free features such as adding favorites, uploading photos and searching/viewing member profiles. Unfortunately, that’s all you can do with your free personal profile. If you want to enjoy all the important features such as instant messaging, sending/receiving messages and posting on forums, you will need to subscribe to one of their premium membership plans. Like most sugar baby dating sites, you will only truly appreciate the benefits once you have full control. A premium membership allows you to use every feature and initiate communication with other members who you deem compatible.

Special features

Although seems pretty traditional with its overreliance on messaging, they have some interesting special features to make the experience more exciting. Some of the special features you will come across in this millionaire sugar daddy site include;

a) Meet my match – this feature is designed to assist members to pair up with suggested matches through an instant prompts. If you want to match with suggested member profile, simply click yes on the prompt. You can then initiate communication. You will also be able to receive notification for new matches.

b) Profile quality score – while there are no conventional profile boosting features, the platform allows you to improve your profile’s quality through a quality score feature. Every action you perform on the site increases your overall score and there are 8 different categories. Premium members are more likely to have higher quality scores as they have access to all the features and can perform several actions while on the site.

c) Forums – if you are a premium member, you can join discussions and post in forums about various topics. You can also post your own topic and start a discussion surrounding a given issue. Forums are great for finding tips and insights that will help smooth your dating journey with the platform.

Website usability

As an old site, you can expect nothing but classic designs and themes from this millionaire dating platform. The website utilizes a simple, yet effective template to provide a sleek easy-to-use interface for its members. The fonts are quite visible and the features are readily accessible. A white and gold theme symbolizes wealth and power although this is somewhat cliché of millionaire dating sites. You do not have to be an expert to navigate There have been reports about slow loading pages in some countries, but this seems to be an internet connection issue. If you have a strong internet connection, you can expect no problems using the site’s features. The platform also boasts millions of members and longevity in the industry so you can trust them to have a user-friendly interface.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, does not have a mobile application for its members. This seems to be the only shortcoming although we expect them to adapt to modern trends and develop a sleek app. To access and connect with other members, you must log in through a PC or a browser in your mobile phone. Nonetheless, you can access the sugar daddy dating platform from anywhere in the world once you have an account. Although only users from supported member countries can create an account, accessibility is global once you are verified.

How to become a successful matchmaker

Becoming a successful matchmaker heavily depends on how you use the platform. Most rich men dating platforms will give you the opportunity to create a profile and view other members using the site. Once you have your personal profile, it is upon you to provide enough accurate information and descriptions that will help you find matches. You should also upload attractive photos especially if you are a sugar baby. It is also important to subscribe to premium membership for total control and access to the platform’s features. Only after doing all this will you be able to match with serious prospects looking for someone with your unique attributes. Make sure you understand how the platform works including all its features. You can always look up the FAQ section or directly contact the support team if you are facing any difficulties.

The cost of matchmaker

As aforesaid, becoming a successful matchmaker requires one to have access to all features in the millionaire dating website. The only way you are going to access all functionalities is by subscribing to premium membership. offers various membership plans distinguished by duration. All the plans have the same features. The only difference is on how much you save by subscribing to a long-term plan. Existing memberships include;

  • 1 month membership at USD 33.99 per month
  • 3month membership at USD 22.66 per month
  • 6 month membership at USD 19.83 per month
  • 12 month membership at USD 17.00 per month
From these plans, you can see long-term plans are significantly cheaper. You will save up to USD 203.88 in a year by subscribing to a 12 month plan compared to monthly membership. It is therefore recommendable to subscribe to lengthy plans especially if you intend to be a matchmaker for several months.

Privacy and security

Member privacy and security is among the areas given top priority by sugar daddy dating sites and this platform has several measures to ensure safe and healthy interactions. The site is regularly inspected for viruses and security updates ensure emerging threats are kept at bay. It is also protected by a superior SSL security layer and members use usernames instated of first name. Nonetheless, it is upon members to create strong passwords and keep their devices safe from unauthorized access to prevent account hacking from their end.

Certified millionaire

Achieving a certified millionaire status is common in rich men dating websites. Since there is no way of proving one’s income, the platform collects metrics on how much sugar daddies spend on sugar babies and on the platform. Members can achieve certified millionaire status after spending a considerable amount of time and money with the platform. The status simply proves one’s position as a certified rich sugar daddy willing to spend money in exchange for companionship and mentorship.

Writer’s verdict

Finding love companionship or financial support in millionaire sugar dating site is not a farfetched idea. There are many people who use these platforms to successfully forge healthy relationships. However, you need to be very careful about the dating platforms you sign up with. Some sites are filled with fake profiles and spam ads that can be disrupting, if not annoying. Others are simply too slow or overly expensive. Nevertheless, there are ways to review and isolate reliable offers from the rest. is among the highly reputable sites available today. It has been in operation for over 17 years and continues to attract lots of young beautiful sugar babies and rich sugar daddies. The site also exhibits all the attributes of a trustworthy platform and has had no concerning reports. It is simple, easy to use and very secure. What’s more, this platform is dedicated to serving the needs of a unique niche. Its primary target is sugar daddies and sugar babies from US, UK, Canada and Australia. This makes it easier to optimize their platform and meet the unique goals of each member. A large community also ensures you always have several matches.