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Seeking arrangement is one of the long serving dating sites for rich successful individuals looking to connect with young loving members. Established back in 2006, the platform has sought to redefine traditional dating by creating a large community of verified users. It is more than just a millionaire sugar daddy site. Besides financial assistance, rich successful sugar daddies and sugar mommies can offer mentorship in exchange for long term companionship and thriving relationships.

Whether you are looking to financially support a loving sugar baby or simply seek some exciting experiences with a young virile toy-boy, this dating site has you covered on both ends. Nonetheless, a lot goes into consideration before selecting an online dating platform. It is advisable to spend some time into researching and reviewing a dating site before subscribing to any membership plans. Here is a detailed review of the platform featuring the sign up process, how it works, its special features, membership and usability among other relevant aspects.

Signing up for an account

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The sign up process in seeking arrangement is in no way elaborate. If anything, you will only be required to fill in simple generic details for the purposes of building your personal profile. Like most millionaire dating websites, all you need to do is fill in your personal information and specifications of what you are looking for. It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete registration and while this is significantly lengthy compared to other popular alternatives, it is very safe. What’s more, you instantly get match results upon completion of registration so keep your ideal prospect in mind when doing so.

You will be asked whether you are a sugar daddy, sugar mommy or sugar baby. Other required details include how much budget you have (for sugar daddies/mommies) or how much you want to receive (for sugar babies). As a global platform, it accepts registration from all over the world and has users from all walks of life. The community boasts millions of users with approximately 2.5 million members hailing from US alone. All you need for signing up is a strong internet connection.

How does it work?

One main difference you will quickly notice about seeking arrangement is their unique dating concept. As aforementioned, this platform is unlike any dating site you will come across. Some may even be put off by the type of relationship it encourages considering most sugar babies are university students. Surprisingly, it is one of the largest sugar daddy dating websites available online. Essentially, you are offered an opportunity to create and optimize a personal profile that you can then use to communicate with other users. Once registration is completed, you will be provided with match results that show you the most compatible members. The platform has a free-to-use search tab accessible by all users and you can sort results to display members that are online first. You can also save the search options/results for later use.

Besides their large community, the great thing about signing up with this dating site is their extensive filters and search options. You can filter searches to the most intricate detail allowing you to find a perfect match. Members can also message other users directly from the search tab or even send them to their favorites’ list. Sending messages is free of charge and there is also a chat room where you can meet members with similar interests. You of course, require premium membership subscription to access advanced search filters and gift wish lists among other special features. Nonetheless, the platform allows you to register, create a profile find matches and use chatting services free of charge.

Premium membership offers access to all features in the site and also removes the annoying ads found in free accounts. All membership plans are the same with regards to feature access. The only difference is in price. Essentially, the price is significantly lower if you purchase a lengthy plan (3 month subscription and above). Payments can be made via credit card, PayPal or mobile phone.


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If there is one admirable aspect about this sugar daddy dating platform, it has to be the quality of profiles. It is what makes the search options so effective when looking for compatible matches. In addition to the information you provide during registration, this millionaire sugar daddy site offers various text box fields that allow you to add as much information as you want. These profile fields remain optional so you do not have to fill them unless you want to. However, it is highly encouraged to include as much detail as possible especially if you want your profile to stand out from the rest. The platform also gives boosts such as increased website coverage and better visibility to members who have completed all their profile fields.

Profile pictures are free to view for all members and you can also view picture galleries created by other users for free. However, members can set their pictures and profiles as public or private. When you set it as private, only those members who you have granted permission will be able to view your pictures and galleries. One major concern about this dating site is the high number of fake/dormant sugar baby profiles. Users are advised to carefully review member profiles before initiating communications. You can also report a fake profile. Nonetheless, subscribing to premium membership will save you the effort and give you advanced privacy and security options protecting you from all unverified users.


Seeking arrangement is among the highly rated dating sites you will come across thanks to its extensive community and affordable membership. As aforesaid, there are no location restrictions and anyone can register regardless of their country. As such, the platform boasts a robust community with all kinds of adorable sugar babies and rich sugar daddies/mommies. There are three main forms of memberships available. The first one is a free account membership that allows you to quickly sign up and create a profile. You can access chat services and view other public profiles for free. However, this membership also exposes you to ads and various restrictions. To enjoy added functionality, you need premium membership which gives you access to all the features in the website. The third membership option is an automatic diamond membership offered to sugar daddies and sugar mommies. This is discussed further in special features below. As a reputable sugar daddy dating platform, the platform’s main goal is to reduce the effort spent to make contact even if you are not a premium member.

Special features

Reviewing special features is one way to tell reliable sugar daddy dating sites from the rest. Seeking arrangement simply offers some high end functionalities for their members. Some of the features you will enjoy in this dating platform offers include;

a) Gift wish list – this feature allows sugar babies to create a wish list that contains gifts they would like their sugar daddies/mammies to buy for them. When a sugar daddy or mommy clicks on a gift in the wish list, they are instantly redirected to Amazon or any other supported partner website where they can purchase the gifts. As you would expect, only premium members have access to the gift wish list feature.

b) Sugar blog (let’s talk) – this is a unique blog owned by seeking arrangement. It discuses various topics including how to safely find and interact with prospects, how to boost your profile and which events are currently available in a town nearby. The blog has a comment and feed section that you can further exploit for communications and inquiries. It simply provides tips and insights to help members conveniently navigate the sugar dating platform.

c) Diamond membership – this is an automatic membership status offered to veteran sugar daddies and sugar mommies who have proven their worth in the platform. Diamond membership is only awarded after spending a given amount of time and money on the dating site. It comes with a few benefits like heightened privacy and security as well as profile boosts. It is basically the ultimate membership for sugar daddies and mommies who have certified millionaire status.

Website usability

Seeking arrangement implements a simplistic minimalist approach to web design. Their website is very simple and sometimes plain boring to some of its younger clientele. However, this is understandable considering the site carters to an older generation of sugar daddies and mommies. The site is optimized to offer seamless navigation and straightforward instructions. The fonts and icons are very visible and ever functionality is pretty easy to understand. It shouldn’t take any effort to navigate this millionaire dating platform provided you have stable internet connection. The site also loads pretty quickly and all features are readily accessible.

Mobile app

Like its website, seeking arrangement mobile application is very simple and easy to use. It provides the same functionality as the website and content is harmonized to present the same message. The only benefit of this mobile app is total access to the platform wherever you go. It is lightweight and offers all features found in the official website. You can download the android version from Google Play store and iOS version at Apples iTunes.

How to become a successful matchmaker

Matchmaking at this millionaire sugar daddy site is no different from other popular alternatives. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and then upgrade to any of the premium membership subscriptions. This will grant you access to all features and services. To become a successful matchmaker, you need total access and control without any restrictions. This ensures you can efficiently review profiles and initiate communication with your preferred prospect. More importantly, you need to complete you profile and add enough information to set you apart from the rest. Having a complete premium membership profile simply gives you the chance to connect with other serious members who have similar interests.

The cost of matchmaker

Most sugar daddy dating sites offer premium membership to optimize and tailor resources to serious members. As a matchmaker, this millionaire dating platform will allow you to subscribe to various premium memberships as follows; • 1 month subscription at USD 19.95 • 3 months subscription at USD 44.85 (USD 14.95 per month) • 6 months subscription at USD 50.97 ( USD 9.95 per month) As you can tell, the longer subscriptions are more suitable if you plan to be a matchmaker for an extended period of time. You can save up to USD 120 per year compared to monthly subscription.

Privacy and security

Seeking arrangement values the privacy and security of its members. As such, various measures are in place to ensure the safety of all members of this millionaire dating site. Daily virus sweeps check the entire website for new Trojans and viruses while regular updates to the security algorithms keeps the site one step ahead of emerging threats. What’s more, the site is protected with SSL security and a firewall provides extra safety layer. Usernames are used instead of first names and all communications are encrypted. In addition to this, only a small set of database managers are allowed access to the back-end. Nevertheless to ensure you are secure, use strong passwords and keep your devices safe from unauthorized access especially with the app. Set it up to require a password every time you log in so no unauthorized person can gain access to your profile.

Certified millionaire

As a millionaire sugar daddy site, seeking arrangement allows its members to achieve a certified millionaire status. Their premium diamond membership is only available to those who have proven themselves worthy of the millionaire status. The platform also conducts background searches and has various tools in place to determine the accuracy of details provided in user profiles. Besides boosting your profile, a certified millionaire status simply separates you from the rest of the crowd and increases your likability within the platform.

Writer’s verdict

Finding a reputable millionaire dating website can be overwhelming considering all the existing offers. Every website claims to have the best experiences and most beautiful sugar babies. It is also common for feature descriptions to be overly exaggerated. Nonetheless, reliable sites have numerous hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish them in a flooded market. Seeking arrangement has been around for more than a decade and continues to outrank most dating sites not for its many years in business, but simply because they meet the rudimentary needs of their members. This dating platform offers an ideal hub for anyone looking to meet young adorable sugar babies or rich sugar daddies/mommies. Unlike other dating sites, they allow sugar daddies/monies to offer mentorship and intellectual support to their sugar babies. No other millionaire sugar daddy site can boast this type of relationship. It is one of the most recommended dating platforms for sugar baby relationships and has a large community of verified users. They also provide efficient communication and support to ensure members are safe and comfortable with interactions in the platform