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Sugar daddy dating is off late gaining mainstream and acceptance more so the millionaire sugar daddy arrangement. A notable millionaire dating site offering millionaire sugar daddy and sugar baby hookups is Secret Benefits. Secret Benefits is a sugar daddy dating platform that boasts of having over a million member consisting of mature males and attractive ladies. The site maintains an exclusive trait and caters for sugar daddy dating and seeks to get rid of the stigma that surrounds these types of arrangements.

If you are interested in such an arrangement this is the perfect piece for you to know if Secret Benefits is a worthy site to begin your search.

Be A Member By Signing Up

To be able to use the services of Secret Benefits millionaire dating site, you need to first sign up for an account. The signup process is straight forward and requires you to first indicate your gender. You then provide your details such as full name, location then upload a photo.

Having a photo is important as it helps you be more visible hence widening your chances of either getting a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby. After providing your photo, you then indicate what qualities you are looking for as well as personal attributes such s ethnicity and body build. You also fill in some details on your bio such as what qualities you are looking for and you are good to go.


After getting done with the sign-up process, you are officially a member of Secret Benefits and ready for sugar dating. The millionaire dating site is open to everyone to join with specified roles of ladies being sugar babies and the male being sugar daddies.

To access premium features on the millionaire sugar daddy dating site, you can purchase credits. The credits are in three packages which are the introductory, elite and best value packages. Each package has its own features hence you pick the most preferred credit purchase plan as you venture into sugar daddy sugar baby dating.

Features Of The Website

Secret Benefits' millionaire dating website earns its uniqueness from its vast array of features. Among the exceptional features of the website include the following.


Matches is the outstanding and definitive feature of the millionaire dating site. Under matches, you find a lot of sugar babies or daddies who match your set criteria. The filtering criteria is either based on ethnicity, location, age and body build among several other factors. In case you find a good match, you can immediately message him or her and start mingling. Alternatively, you can favorite them and get back to messaging them later on. With many members on this millionaire sugar daddy platform, you are sure of a sizeable pool of matches that you can set your eyes on.

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website


The access feature lets you into the secret photo and video albums of your match that you have an allowance to see. While on the millionaire dating site, uploading and sharing of photos are mover activities that let you into the daily lives of your potential dates. Having an allowance to see the secret albums by a potential match indicates generated interest and you can pull your next worthy move in sugar daddy dating.

Secret Benefits Blog

The blog feature gives you an insight into various raging topics, especially in millionaire sugar daddy dating. Under the blog, you get several articles that highlight several issues and gives you light on what to expect while on the Secret Benefits millionaire dating site among others. There are also personal stories from various guest author and such articles may be refreshing to read. Dating Safety

Dating, especially where there is a sizeable age difference as in sugar daddy sugar baby dating is usually clouded in uncertainty. The good thing is that the Secret Benefits millionaire dating site has the dating safety feature to your rescue.

The feature provides you with essential tips on your first sugar daddy dating arrangement and how to be safe. Safety while on millionaire sugar daddy dating is key to you having a great experience while on your conquests.

Secret Albums

The Secret Benefits secret album is your photo and video album which is visible to only you and approved matches. By seeing your hidden photos, you can establish a level of trust that is key in the sugar daddy dating scene.

Website Profile

Secret Benefits has very simplistic millionaire dating site with clearly set menu icons. The background color has a warm and peaceful hue behind it and photos are very clear hence you can pinpoint your match.

The loading speed is commendable, however, it brings issues with other browsers where it either stalls or buffers for a long time.

Millionaire Sugar Daddy Website

If you are not verified on this millionaire dating site, a pop up appears requesting you to go and complete the verification process. The site is upgraded constantly with new features added or modified to give you the best sugar daddy dating experience.

Mobile Application

The mobile application is a convenient version that gives you the chance to matchmaking from the comfort of your mobile phone. Unfortunately, Secret Benefits lack the mobile platform that would be its ultimate deal breaker.

What Are The Costs involved?

While on the Secret Benefits millionaire sugar daddy site, cost come when you want to purchase credits. The credits give you access to premium features on the millionaire dating site. The credits are set in three tiers which are the introductory tier, the elite tier, and the best value tier.

The Introductory Tier

The introductory tier offers you credits which you purchase at a cost of $0.59 per credit. You can buy a minimum of 100 credits which bring the cost of the introductory credit package at $59.

The Elite Tier

Further up there is the elite tier that offers credits at $0.34 per credit. The minimum credits that you can purchase under the elite tier are 500 credit units making the cost of the elite unit at $169.

The Best Value Tier

Under the best value tier, the cost per credit is $0.29 and the minimum units that you can purchase is 1000 credit. The total cost is $289.

When you buy credits, you are open to various perks form the Secret Benefits sugar daddy dating site. Among the perks of having credits are as follows.

  • Unlock all conversations using only 10 credits.
  • Unlock all secret photos and videos also using 10 credits.
  • Get priority support in case of an issue.
  • You get more visibility and show higher on the sugar daddy sugar bay searches.
The credits also never expire and there are absolutely no hidden charges. The bills are discreet and prices are set in United States dollars.

Customer Support

In case any issue recurs while on Secret Benefits millionaire sugar daddy dating site, do not hesitate to reach out to the site’s customer support. You can start by looking on the website’s frequently asked questions to check if your query has been answered.

If your query has not been answered to your satisfaction, you can contact the customer support team through their email address for help. When sending an email to the millionaire dating site’s customer support, do not forget to include your username and email. You can also specify the issue at hand on the provided checkbox.

Report Abuse

Secret Benefits is a vast millionaire sugar daddy platform and with many members signed up, cases of abuse are not a rare occurrence. Abuse can be any form of bullying, insults or anything that makes you uncomfortable with your online stint.

In case you want to report any user, go to their profile and click on the icon with three dots and select report. You then select the reason for reporting or specify in writing and click on report. The millionaire dating sites database managers review the reports and in case found to have gone against the site's terms and conditions, the proper action is ensured.

Secret Benefits Privacy Policy

Your personal information is kept safe at Secret Benefits millionaire sugar daddy dating website courtesy of its privacy policy. The policy ensures the upholding of strict measures so that your personal information out of access from unauthorized third parties. Some of the measures the site has put include the following.

  • Third parties handling services on behalf of the millionaire dating site only have access to your information relating to the service they are handling.
  • Use of a firewall to protect against attacks from cyber breaches.
  • Use of heavy duty encryption, also in a bid to keep cybercriminals at bay.
  • Verification

    For proof of identity purposes on the sugar baby sugar daddy dating platform, you need to verify yourself. According to the millionaire dating site, verifying your profile shows that you are not too good to be true.

    Verification of Secret Benefits requires you to upload a selfie video of yourself and start by an introduction saying ‘let me be your secret'. The video features on your profile and promotes your visibility and number of interested matches as they are able to verify it is you.

    Certified Millionaire

    The certified millionaire feature is a verification feature on several millionaire dating sites that seek to proof your millionaire status. Once you prove your millionaire status, you boost your visibility and get many perks at your disposal. Secret Benefits, however, seems to lack the certified millionaire feature.

    Matchmaking At Secret Benefits

    To stand out from the other members on Secret Benefits millionaire dating platform, you need to be always dominant. On your path to being dominant of the sugar daddy dating site, there are some queries that you need to sort out to have a clear impression of the sugar baby platform. Some of the tackled questions are as seen below.

    How Much Does The Millionaire Matchmaker Cost?

    How do matchmakers cost on this millionaire dating site is a valid question. The millionaire sugar daddy dating site's cost comes in the form of the purchased credits. The credits give you access to a host of features on the website and enhance the sugar daddy sugar baby arrangement. On the millionaire dating site, there are three credit tiers that you purchase according to your funds and/or preference for a smooth millionaire sugar daddy dating stint.

    How Do You Become A Successful Matchmaker?

    To become a successful matchmaker on Secret Benefits, you first of all need to have a valid account up and running. As a member, you are already on your path to becoming a successful matchmaker. You then need to spruce up your profile and fill it to 100% to make it easy to get your preference. With your preferences set, it is easier to get a match I either a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. You also can verify yourself by uploading the selfie video as proof that you own the account. A further boost is by purchasing the credits to give you unlimited conversations, view of photos and also a top priority when it comes to support.

    Contact several potential matches on the millionaire dating site to increase your chances of getting the perfect match. Upload several videos and photos to let in matches into your lavish lifestyle and improve your visibility in the long run which is key in millionaire sugar daddy dating.

    Writers Verdict

    Secret Benefits is one of the standout millionaire dating sites that you can sign up to. The site specializes in sugar daddy sugar baby arrangements and seeks to rid of the stigma associated with this dating arrangement.

    The signup process is very simple and requires you to provide your personal information to proceed. The site is well-designed and makes it simple when it comes to navigating the site. The credit system, where you purchase credits allows you to get several perks at your disposal that improves your sugar daddy dating stint.

    Apart from missing some features such as the mobile platform and the certified millionaire feature, the millionaire dating site is one of the best. Grab it for a chance to experience the lively millionaire sugar daddy dating scene.