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Millionaire Match Millionaire Match - Review by Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Visit Website is a Millionaire dating website established in 2001. The platform has carved out a niche for itself as a top millionaire matchmaker drawing in a lot of doctors, lawyers, celebrities and other rich personalities out for exclusive dating. Just as its name suggests, millionaire match targets the millionaire singles who want to date. The site insists that it is not a sugar daddy or sugar baby site. It is a rich men women dating platform that strictly accepts individuals with a certain wealth status or based on attractiveness.

How Do You Signing Up?

If you are interested in the rich men women dating concept, then you need to sign up for an account at millionaire match. The signup process is very simple and requires you to provide your name, email, and nationality in the first step. If the millionaire dating site is not yet in your country, you won't be able to proceed to the next step.

The next step requires you to upload your photo, which is verified within a day. The same applies to your email which is verified immediately you log in to your account. Verification is key for the millionaire matchmaker in ensuring there are no impostors. You also need to provide your phone number and have it verified to complete the whole registration process.

Once done, you are now ready to taste the nicety that is in millionaire match’s rich men dating concept.

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Who Qualifies For Membership?

Membership is exclusively for the affluent or the attractive as earlier indicated. When signing up you have to indicate your earning bracket which reflects on your profile. All signed up members of millionaire match are verified and are real profiles.

On the millionaire dating site, there are two membership packages, the free package, and the premium package. On signing up for an account, you are automatically on the free package. You, however, can upgrade to the premium package to access more benefits on the platform.

Features Of The Website

The website has a lot of standout features as seen below.

1. Spark

The millionaire match spark feature allows you to view the photos of prospective matches that may suit your taste. Below the photo are the username of the prospective match and their location. Most of the time the location is congruent to the location you gave on signing up to the millionaire dating account.

You can either like the photo to express interest or pass it.

2. Live Support

In case you encounter any issue while on the account, the millionaire match is on standby to help you out. You can contact the support team under the ‘contact us’ menu icon. When contacting the live support, you need to indicate your full name and email address for a prompt response.

Alternatively, you can follow their respective social media handles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube where you can give your views of the millionaire dating site.

3. Affiliate Program

Millionaire match has an affiliate program that it runs on its platform. The program gives you a chance of boosting your earnings via commission. All you need is to have the millionaire dating site’s banners on your website and generate traffic to the platform. The commissions are handsome with over $5 million paid to affiliates as at the moment.

No technical experience is needed and you get benefits such as top conversion rates and 4/7 phone service.

4. Members’ Luxuries

The millionaire matchmaker has the member’s luxuries feature where you get into the lavish lives of other members of the rich men women dating site. You can photos or videos to your luxury feed to give out a glimpse to your top of the rage lifestyle to potential suitors.

5. Live MM Counselor

The live millionaire match counselor seeks to give you the best advice when it comes to dating. It is just like the live support feature only that it is dedicated to relationship and dating issues. For the live chat with the millionaire dating site counselor, you need to be a premium customer. Otherwise, you can have the counseling via email chat.

6. Certified Millionaire

The dating platform prides itself in being exclusive to the affluent and many if not all members have impressive asset bases and bank statements. In order to make the affluent more visible in the rich men women dating site, there is the certified millionaire concept. This millionaire dating concept requires you to show your business tax returns or a bank statement from the previous year showing earning strong of $200000.

Additionally, you can also attach your financial documents as proof of having an asset base above $1 million. The result is that you are going to rank higher and be more visible on the millionaire matchmaker.

7. Dating Advices

Under the dating advice, you have the basic dating tips offered to you for a splendid first date with your millionaire match.

8. Forum

The millionaire match forum gives you an opportunity to get answers for the various queries that you may want addressed. It is also a great platform for you to interact with the other members from the millionaire dating site.

9. Blog

The millionaire dating site has a blog where you can glance at various topics concerning relationships and dating. From the blog, you can get a rough idea of how to get going on with the rich men women dating arrangement.

10. Celebrity Interviews

The celebrity interviews section on the millionaire dating site brings you inspiring stories and ideas from your millionaire peers. There are several successful entrepreneurs featured each giving his or her views concerning different topics on this rich men women dating platform.

11. The Website Profile

The website manages to stand out owing to the gold and black color used in its design. The menu icons are well arranged and make navigating the website very easy. The loading speed is exemplary further boosting the navigation aspect of the site. When looking for your millionaire match, you can have a quick search or the advanced search with filters to get the perfect suitor fit.

In case of any notification such as a message, a like or a wink among others, an indicator shows you the number of pending notifications. While messaging, you are able to see members who are online that you can ask out for your millionaire match.

The millionaire matchmaker has one of the most convenient websites that is a supporting factor to the ease in the rich men women dating arrangement.

12. The Mobile Platform

Millionaire match has taken advantage of the increased mobile usage to bring their mobile millionaire matchmaker version. The mobile platform is a downloadable application that is compatible with both IOS and Android operating system devices. The version is easy to use in addition to being a lightweight application meaning it consumes minimal storage space on your device.

For convenience, it is advisable to get the mobile version for easy access at all time to the millionaire dating site.

What are The Costs?

To have the best rich men women dating experience in millionaire match, it is recommended that you upgrade from the free version to the premium version. The premium version comes with costs that streamline your millionaire matchmaking.

Under the premium membership, there are three payment plans that you can opt for as seen below.

  • The 6-month payment plan of $40 per month summed as one Easy payment of $240.
  • The 3-month payment plan of $45 per month billed in one Easy payment of $135.
  • The 1-month pay bill plan of $2.3 daily with an option of an Easy payment of $70.
You can pick any of the plans depending on preference for you to get going with millionaire match dating. Accepted payment modes include debit and credit card such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal and Bank check or mail order.

The Premium Plan

When talking about costs, the premium plan is the focal point. Having the premium plan in millionaire match has the following benefits.

  • Access to the live chat in both live counselor and live support features with a guaranteed prompt response.
  • You are able to view millionaire match celebrity, millionaire income, location, and certified millionaires.
  • You are able to view the photos and like your match on the spark feature.

How About Your Privacy and Site Security?

On matters of your security and privacy, you are sure to get the best of it on this millionaire dating site. First of all, when signing up for an account, you need to pass the verification steps as proof of your identity.

You need to verify your phone number, email, and your profile photo before you can get down to rich men women dating. As such you need to upload either your identity card or valid driver's license as proof among other documents. Any slight mismatch and you have your account suspended.

Only signed up members can access the site to view other members. Access to the blog, forum, and other menu items require you to either login or sign up for you to proceed.

Such security measures are commendable for a millionaire dating site as it ensures the safety of members’ personal information.

Match Making at Millionaire Match

As a millionaire matchmaker, you need to know your way through the site for you to get your fit. After signing up for an account you are set to start searching for your possible suitor.

On the course of looking for your better half on millionaire match, you may have several lingering questions on matchmaking. Some of the common questions have been sort out for your better understanding of the online rich men women dating scene.

How Do Matchmakers Cost?

You may ask of how much does the millionaire matchmaker cost, which is a valid question while on the dating site. At millionaire match, the cost of the matchmakers is reflective of the premium membership plan. The millionaire matchmaker charges an average of $70 per month or $135 for 3 months. Alternatively, you may opt for the $240 per 6-month plan on this millionaire dating site.

How Do You Become A Successful Matchmaker?

The first step to becoming a successful matchmaker on the millionaire dating site is to sign up for an account and go for the premium membership plan. As it has been severally indicated, with the paid plan you have several features at your disposal that can get you your suitable millionaire match.

Once you have signed up for the pad plan, go to the spark and start scrolling for the singles that you want and like them. You can, later on, initiate a conversation with them or send a wink to show that you have an interest. You can also send them a note or add them to favorites to view them when you have the time.

To increase your chances of getting more out of the rich men women dating platform, you can opt for the certified millionaire status. Millionaire match’s certified status garners you a badge that is visible to other members stating that you are a verified member same to your income. A verified income is appealing on the trustworthiness aspect, a fact many singles do appreciate.

On the millionaire matchmaker, you can be successful in getting your suit by trying out several single profiles. However, be decisive so that you do not find yourself in a murky situation.

Writers Verdict

Millionaire match is one of a kind millionaire dating site that is one of the largest more so when you consider its membership. Signing up for an account is easy and the verification process is one of the most interesting parts of joining its rich men women dating program. Any slight mismatch with your details leads to automatic suspension of the account.

The strict verification process helps in keeping away low quality and fake profiles leaving only the worthy to go on with the rich men women dating arrangement.

Millionaire match is very easy to access though its services are not available in some countries. The site's design is exemplary and has the sophistication needed for a millionaire dating site. Despite the paid plans being sort of on the higher side, when looking at the perks it is a worthy try. Nothing comes free and the site being for the affluent, the cost is not such a big deal.

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