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EHarmony is a millionaire sugar daddy dating site that is the brainchild of a clinical psychologist who conducted research on the compatibility of couples. The site came to be in 2000 and has over the years etched its name as one of the best rich men dating sites popular for the millionaire dating concept. The site is Los Angeles-based and has attracted millions of singles and at the moment it is present in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia apart from its native United States of America. EHarmony's rich men dating site has dedicated staff that conducts thorough research on how to improve its product in a bid to make relationships last.

How do you Signing Up?

To take advantage of eHarmony's millionaire dating site you need to sign up for an account. The sign-up process is very simple and at first, requires you to provide your sex and your interest. You then proceed by providing your personal details such as your full name, email, address and country of residence.

You also need to provide some of your personal attributes such as physical features and occupation that helps in getting the perfect millionaire dating partner. After providing the attributes, you take on a personality test. The personality test seeks to get your values and characters for congruence during millionaire dating.

The questions are simple and focus on your temperament, socializing skills and also your interests. Using the results from the personality test, you are able to get a nice experience on the eHarmony rich men dating site.

What are the Memberships offered?

Once you are done with the sign-up process you are officially a member of the millionaire dating site. The site has a vast number of singles from different races, ethnicities, and regions meaning that you have a large pool of choice at your disposal for millionaire dating.

As a member, you are either on the free membership plan or the premium paid plan. On signing up you are automatically on the free membership plan but you can upgrade to the premium package. Under the premium packages, there is the standard lite, premium plus, and premium extra package. You choose the preferred package as you venture into millionaire dating.

Explore the Dating Sites Exclusive Features

The eHarmony millionaire sugar daddy dating site stands out from other dating websites due to its many features as seen below.

1. Matches

Matches on the EHarmony’s millionaire dating site are the key feature. On matches, you find singles that have the same attributes as you or deemed to be perfect for you. The matches are sort according to your age and ethnicity preference as you indicated on signing up. Indicated, are the names of the singles, their ages and also their location. You can show interest on a potential match with an impressive profile by clicking on the smiley face just below their profile photo.

You can also go to their profile and favorite them or message them.

2. Dating Advice

Dating advice is another impressive feature on the millionaire dating platform. The feature furnishes you with pieces of advice in the form of articles on how you need to go on with dating and the moves to make as it morphs to a full-fledged relationship.

The feature also provides online dating tips that are very important in the rich men dating scene.

3. EHarmony Affiliate Program

The eHarmony millionaire dating site runs a nice affiliate program that gives you a chance to earn as you hop onto the rich men dating scene. With the affiliate program, you take on the role of an advertising partner and you advertise the sites millionaire dating services on your website or social media handles.

Any successful referral or generated sale guarantees you an agreed upon commission.

4. EHarmony Blog

The eHarmony blog is a platform on the millionaire dating site where you can view several articles that tackle various topics. On the blog, you can get an insight into the latest trends when it comes to rich men dating and millionaire dating.

Apart from being insightful, the articles also offer advice and some solace for those who are interested in the millionaire dating concept.

5. Dating Guide

For a millionaire dating site, the dating guide is such a boost to its profile. The dating guide comes to your aid in places to go for your first date in various locations as well as what you can do while in such areas.

The rich men dating arrangement is characterized by its lushness and with the dating guide, you have a good lead on some of the exquisite wining and dining places.

6. What If?

The ‘what if?’ feature allows you to get more matches out of your compatibility circle in millionaire dating. Your perfect date might be around the corner only filtered out by your compatibility filter. Subscription to ‘what if?’ bring you 30 matches outside your preferences.

7. Favorited Me

Under the favorited me section you are able to see the singles who have saved you as their favorite. You might be lucky to find out that they are nice matches and out for millionaire dating.


The hidden feature comes in handy when you are not sure if you are interested in a match on the millionaire dating site. You can put a match in this section until you decide that you are willing to make a move.

Website Profile

The website is organized neatly with clearly set menu icons. The loading speed is fast and aids in easy navigation while on this millionaire dating site. In case of notifications such as messages or matches, the number of responses shows on the respective icon.

The simplicity of eHarmony works to its advantage as you are able to use it simply in getting into rich men dating. On the millionaire dating site's homepage, you are also able to get an insight of updates and visitors to your profile. Additionally, you can view profile updates and also photo updates from the matches on the millionaire dating platform.

EHarmony’s website is constantly upgraded with new features added occasionally in order to enhance the member’s experience.

Mobile Platform

For a convenient online millionaire sugar dating arrangement, eHarmony has a mobile dating platform. The mobile dating platform is a downloadable version that is free on download on the official download sites. The version is available for both Android and IOS operating systems is a lightweight application meaning it consumes little storage space.

The mobile platform allows you to receive direct notifications to your phone and also easily upload your photos. The loading speed is also commendable which is key to the fast navigation on the rich men dating platform.

The following are some of the perks of the mobile platform.

  • New match review.
  • Interact with your matches.
  • Sort by name or date among others

Are their Costs Involved?

When talking about costs in relation to eHarmony millionaire dating site, we focus on the premium package. On signing up you need to upgrade your account from the free package to the premium package so that you can enjoy several perks on offer.

As earlier indicated, there are three payment packages under the premium plan which is the standard lite, premium plus and the premium extra.

The Standard Lite Plan

The standard lite plan is a six-month plan that allows you to see who has viewed you and provides unlimited messaging services. Additionally, you can view unlimited photos and access more matches on your millionaire dating move.

The standard lite plan comes with a cost of $69.95 per month but at the moment there is the 50% offer meaning for the first three months you pay $34.97 per month.

The Premium plus Plan

The premium plus plan is a twelve-month plan that gives you unrivaled access to the unlocked features on your rich men dating account. With the premium plus plan, you can see matches who have viewed you, access to unlimited messaging and access to more matches. You also can browse anonymously, view unlimited photos and get read receipts on all messages.

The plan comes at a cost of $39.95 per month; however, with a 50% off offer you pay $19.97 per month for the first three months.

The Premium Extra Plan

The premium extra plan is a 24-month plan that enables you to see who has viewed you, gives you unlimited messaging, and view unlimited photos. In addition, you are also able to browse anonymously and get read receipts on all messages.

This plan by the eHarmony millionaire dating site costs $29.95 per month. With the running offer, however, you get a 50% off offer hence for the first three months you pay $14.97.

Customer Support

In case you have any arising issue while on the eHarmony millionaire dating site, do not hesitate to go to the help center. The help center has a lot of common queries that you may have as well as arising issues and their solutions. If you are not satisfied with the help center, you can contact eHarmony via email or chat for detailed help. The average response time is 36 hours and you can reach the support team via email 24/7.

Through chat, you can also get the team 24/7 but sparingly over the weekends. The support team is at your disposal to guarantee you a smooth time while on your rich men dating arrangement.

Will my privacy be secured?

The millionaire dating site is governed by a privacy policy that ensures the safety of your private information. The policy indicates the information they collect from you such as your name, address, and occupation and keep such information away from unauthorized third parties EHarmony also has age restrictions for persons under the age of 13 in keeping up with child protection laws.

The site has also employed a secure socket layer (SSL) protection and strong encryption techniques that keep off hackers and other cyber breach activities. With the protection accorded, you can proceed with your millionaire dating plans without any hurdles.

Certified Millionaire

The certified millionaire concept is one applied by many millionaire dating sites in a bid to lay proof to its members’ millionaire status. Having the certified millionaire tag makes you more visible and open to many matches. EHarmony, however, does not seem to have the certified millionaire concept on its millionaire dating site.

Matchmaking at EHarmony

When you venture into online millionaire dating, you need to be on the favorable end of the chain for you to get your better half. When on the millionaire dating site, there are several queries that you may have concerning the product and how to get the most out of it. Here are some of the common queries that you may have.

How Do Matchmakers Cost?

One of the most important questions that you may have before venturing into the rich men dating scene is how much does the millionaire matchmaker cost. When we talk about the cost, the key point is the premium plan. Having the premium plan gives you an edge in millionaire dating as you have exposure to several standout features.

You can opt for any of the three premium plans depending on your preference.

How do you become a successful matchmaker?

To become a successful matchmaker, you need to, first of all, get a premium plan that gives you access to a lot of features on the millionaire dating site. You then need to look at your matches and reach out to the ones you fancy.

You can also subscribe for more matches out of your compatibility circle to widen your chances of getting your other half.

Writers Verdict

EHarmony is a great millionaire sugar daddy dating site that gives you a nice platform for rich men dating. The sign-up process is easy though long especially when it comes to answering the personality quiz. However, if you know what you want from the site then the personality quiz is just a mere ripple. The premium packages are friendly in charges, a fact that is further compounded by the 50% off offer. The platform has several singles and you are sure if you have everything right you cannot miss getting a prospective date.

If you are into millionaire dating, then try and check out eHarmony for a worthwhile experience.